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My name is Rod, but everyone usually calls me Rod. You can use either one; I'm not picky.

This site includes things that interest me, and which will, hopefully, interest you. There are pictures, not only of me in my kilt, but of my beloved wife Liz and other things as well. You will find a link to some text files. I've written most of them and will be putting more up soon. I hope these files will be useful. I also have a page devoted to the healing art of Reiki. I offer to do distance healings and attunements. I also have a modest link page with links to some sites I find interesting. I plan of adding a couple more pages, devoted to the Norse Runes, Qi Gong and Alternative Energy, particularily Free Energy, first dreamed up by Nikola Tesla, perhaps the greatest genius of the twentieth century.

Text Files including magickal instruction.

Rún Valdr is a new energy system that has similarities to Reiki that I developed using runes and other symbols that I received from my Gods.

I've decided to remove the links to my Reiki practice since I don't use Reiki anymore. I only deal with Rún Valdr now. Personally, I find Rún Valdr to be superior to Reiki.

Picturesof me in a kilt mostly.

Links to fantabulous sites.

City of Heroes/Villains Costume ideas I want to see in the game


Now a little bit about me. I have always tried to be a Renaissance sort of a person and to live up to the ancient Celtic Warrior practice of working the mind as well as the body. I live in Ann Arbor, MI with my wife and cat.

I've been involved with the Occult since 1989 officially, and have been an active Pagan since 1993. I've practiced the martial arts since 1987 and am a black belt in Tang Soo Do (although I'm a bit rusty). I used to teach with NAAMA karate at the Madison Height, MI dojo until 1997, but had to leave due to another job. Right now, I'm learning Ninjitsu and am working towards a black belt in that. My next testing will be for my black belt.

I am a member of ADF- A Druid Fellowship and belong to Shining Lakes Grove, ADF and have interests in magick, and general Druid stuff. I am also very interested in Norse Runes and in Qi Gong as well.

I am a Master/Teacher of Usui, Sacred Path, Karuna™, Seichim, Tera Mai, and several other forms of Reiki. I've given many attunements and healings, both hands on and over distance. I am also the founder of Rún Valdr, an energy system using Runes and other symbols. I don't practice Reiki anymore, devoting my time and energy to Rún Valdr.

To sum up, I'm a Capricorn with Gemini rising. My motto is "Knowledge is Power."



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