The Court of Sif Ritual

Hall of Sif Rite

Hand out bracelets at the beginning to help them achieve trance throughout the rite.

Jotuns and ettins of old, you who fought against the gods and men. You who are powerful and wise, beautiful and not, we make you this offering and ask you to leave our rite in peace.
Outdwellers, accept our offering! (beer)

Purification: Water aspersing and incense. “By the Might of the Waters and Light of the Fire, this Hall is mafe whole and holy!”

Earth Mother - Jorđ
Children of Midgard, we call out to the Earth, Jorđ, mother of Thor, bringer of bounty and life. Fjӧrgynn, mighty mountain of the world, we ask you to join us and uphold and strengthen our rite.
Holy Jorđ, accept our offering! (grain)

Bardic Inspiration - Bragi
Bragi, husband of Idunna, you who’s tongue is carved with runes, hear our call. Bragi, poet of the gods, bring silver to our tongues and inspire our words.
Bragi, accept our offering! (silver)

Fire/Ice Two Powers

Children of Midgard, let yourself relax and breathe deeply. Your breath  is a gift of the gods, let it fill you and sustain you.
As you breathe, let your mind drift down, far beneath the earth. Let it drift into a primordial realm before the world was made. As you look deeper feel the coldness of ice. This is form created out of formlessness. Know that this ice is the manifestation of will and the shaping of things. It is one of the two powers that created the entire cosmos. Still and hard, yet full of power.

As you feel the cold and hardness of the ice let it take root in your feet transforming them into ice. As water is transfixed into icicles let your body become the ice. Feel yourself becoming filled with ice, from your feet, through your legs up to the first cauldron of power in your loins. Let the ice fill this cauldron bringing the power of manifestation of matter at its most fundamental level. Feel the power of potential become manifest and real at this point. Let the cauldron be filled until overflowing.

Now the ice moves upwards filling your torso until it reaches the cauldron of power at your heart. As the ice fills your heart know that even our desires, as fluid as water can be made real and solid. This ice brings the wonderful shapes and uniqueness of each snowflake, beautiful and pure. Let this cauldron be filled until overflowing.

Now the ice rises higher to the shoulders, flowing down your arms and hands, then moves up into the head to the cauldron of the mind. As this cauldron is filled we learn that our will and thoughts, things most abstract, can take shape in the world and be made real. Bright and keen the ice glistens as it reflects the myriad thoughts that ache for manifestation. Feel the ice fill this cauldron to overflowing.

Become living ice, fluid made solid. This is no ordinary ice. Within it are seeds of creation, fertile with nutrients ready to be quickened and brought forth. You are both thought made manifest and the quiet potential of new beginnings. You are solid, you are made real, full of one half of the powers that created the cosmos. Continue to breathe and let that breath sustain you.

Now be aware of a great sun above you full of fire and energy. This is the other half of the great life giving powers. Feel the warmth radiating from this source of power. A beam  shines forth down into the top of your head, filling the cauldron of the mind with light and fire. As the sacred fire touches the ice it illuminates it and makes it shine, purifying and invigorating. The fire fills this cauldron to overflowing.

The fire flows downward filling your shoulders, arms and hands. It moves into the torso, and settles in the cauldron of the heart. This is the warmth of love and beauty as it meets the ability to manifest and become real. Feel the joy as the fire brightens and enlivens the ice in this cauldron, filling it with radiance until it overflows.

The fire moves down your torso until it pools in the cauldron of the loins. The ice glows with life and purpose. This is the seed finding root and the growth of life. Feel the strength and power of the ice in this cauldron as the fire merges with it. The fire fills the cauldron until it overflows.

The fire now makes its way down your legs into your feet and into the endless ice below you. You are now one with both fire and ice. You are the moment of creation when all things are possible and can be made real. You are the power of manifestation blended with the divine fire of life. The fire in the ice transforms it and it starts to move. It does not melt, but is transformed following your desire and will. You are the ice and the hand that carves it. Let yourself be transformed, purified and reshaped. Let the divine be made manifest within.

Remember this feeling and hold to it as we continue this rite. When you are ready open your eyes and feel the ice and fire in those around you.

Statement of Purpose
            We are gathered here to make contact with the Hall of Sif, those spirits working under Sif’s five chieftains who are willing to work with us magically. We will make contact and make offerings to Sif first, followed by Her chieftains, then to the spirits working under the chieftains to gain magical allies.

Hallowing the Portals
Fire- Mighty Fire, reaching to the gates of Asgard where the Shining Aesir dwell. Burn within us and take our offerings to the Gods! (offer sage to fire)
Well- Well of wisdom leading down into the realms of the Mighty Dead. Waters of the deep, flow within us and carry our offerings to the Ancestors (offer silver to well)
Tree- Yggdrasil, tree of the cosmos whose roots reach all worlds high and low, home to all creatures and good wights. Grow within us and take our offerings to the mighty land vettir. (anoint tree)

Opening the Portals
Normal Gate opening for us. Have Rob Steiner do it.

Gatekeeper - Thor    
Strong Thor, husband of Sif, son of Earth and wielder of Mjollnir, You who guard mankind from the wild and unknown, we bid you welcome and offer you good mead in hospitality. Thunderer, we ask that You watch over the gates for us, warding us from evil.
Thor, accept our offering! (mead)


Mighty Disir, those who protect the family, we welcome you. We offer you beer in friendship and frith. Aid us and protect us as we work with Sif and those of Her Hall. (pour beer). Disir, accept our offering!

Landvettir, powerful and true, you who work all around us, we offer you grain in friendship and frith. Aid us and protect us as we work with Sif and those of Her Hall. (pour grain) Landvettir, accept our offering!

Shining Ones, bright and wise, those we love and adore, we offer you whiskey in friendship and frith. Aid us and protect us as we work with Sif and those of Her Hall. (pour whiskey) Shining Ones, accept our offering!

First trance working.
Get people geared for further trance work. Get them still and quiet, remind them of fire and ice, urge that they let their inner eye open.

Beautiful Sif, whose hair is shining gold, wife of Thor and mother of Truđe and Ullr, we welcome you here. Bringer of beauty, abundance, kinship, prophesy and protection, we bid you welcome.  Holy Sif, accept our offering and grant us your aid in our work this day.
(Pour brandy)
Sif, join us here as we make contact with your chieftains to gain spirit allies for our magical work. Grant us your blessings and open the ways to your chieftains and spirits.
(Pour Mead) Sif, accept our offering!

We call to the mighty Chieftains of Sif, you who carry out Her will. Friđr, Chieftain of Beauty; Gnótt, Chieftain of Abundance; Frœndi, Chieftain of Kinship; Spá, Chieftain of Prophesy and Hlif, Chieftain of Protection, we bid you mighty ladies be welcome. We make these offering and ask that we may work with your spirits to gain allies in our magical work.
To Friđr, I make an offering of hair. (cut off some hair and offer to fire)
To Gnótt I make an offering of coins. (offer coins)
To Frœndi I make an offering of bread. (offer bread)
To Spá I make an offering of Mead. (offer mead)
To Hlif I make an offering of Rowan wood. (offer wood to fire)

Mighty Chieftains of Sif, accept our offerings and be made welcome in frith and fellowship. May we gain access to your helpers for our work. Chieftains, accept our offering!

Now, Children of Midgard, we call upon the spirits of the Chieftains of Sif and make offerings so that they may be willing to work with us. Those of the Hall of Sif, you spirits and beings that look to Sif’s Chieftains, hear us as we make you offerings in frith and fellowship and seek to work with you in magical alliance. Hear our offer to work together. We pray you are willing to aid us.
(pour offering-whiskey)
Servants of Sif, accept our offering!

Omen to see if offerings have been accepted and the work can continue.

(If successful, ask for blessing from Sif to open the spirit vision.)  

Sing Vardlokkurs to attract courtiers.  (This will be a toning with intent of attracting and calling the spirits to the ritual
site. The ritual leader adding singing parts asking the courtiers to attend)

(Start people into a trance induction.  Remember the power of ice and fire within them. See the nemeton, then see the Gods, etc)

(to the people, guide into feeling Sif’s presence filling the ritual area)
(to the people, guide into feeling the presence of the Chieftains)
(guide people into feeling the presence of the courtiers all around)

Those of the Hall of Sif, you are welcome here. Come to us so that we may speak.
I ask now that only those spirits who are willing to work with us in safety and frith remain, those who will not agree to this we ask you to leave in the name of Golden Haired Sif.
(repeated 2 more times)
Blessed Courtiers of Sif, we welcome you. Come forth and speak to those of us here ready to listen. We ask your name, your area of expertise, that thing you want to have offered for your help and your symbol.

Now Children of Midgard, open your mind’s eye and see the spirits that would speak with you.

(give time for interaction)

Who has a spirit? (have scribe go over to them and write down information.

Repeat until we have 9-12 spirits.

Do License to Depart:  Spirits of Sif, those of Her Hall, thank you for your aid. Depart now in frith and friendship until the time comes to call upon you again and we will make offerings to you.

Have people take off bracelets. Do grounding with Jutenhowr. More Fire and Ice two powers with aim at manifesting  grounding.

Close up. Closing offerings will be oil poured onto the fire

“To the X, we thank you.”

Thank the courtiers
Thank the Chieftains
Thank Sif
Thank Shining Ones
Thank Landvettier
Thank Disir
Thank Thor for watching the gates
Close the gates
Thank Bragi
Thank Jorđ
Thank outdwellers

The rite is done.

Before anyone leaves, have all participants circle up and hold hands and do more grounding with Jutanhowr.

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