I didn't make these images. I'm just passing them along. It seems that the original website was transmitting a trojan horse. So I made my own site and copied it all. Be that as it may, I would really like to see these ideas in the game.

Rodney Cox


Glow Lines/Big Boots

Chest Harness

Jewel Belt Variations

Chest Variations



Hairstyles (Female)

Hairstyles (Male)

Compilation (Megas)


New Capes Variations

New Picture Capes

Non-Segmented Metallics

Chest Emblems


Energy Bodies


Compilations (Knights & Gods)

Compilations (Vixens)


Auras 1 - W/Compilations

Auras 2 - W/Compilations

Auras 3 - W/Compilations

Compilations (Avatars)

Mech 1

Compilations (Aqua Team)

Compilations (Outlyers)

Body Textures


Fat Stripe Modifications

Shoulders 1

Compilations (Wishers)

Compilations (Techs)


Compilation (Misfits)

Compilation (Overlords)

Compilation (Wielders)