Links to Sites that mean something

Online Gaelic Lessons

This site has four online Scots Gaelic lessons with audio clips to help with the pronunciation. I really like this one.

Shining Lakes Grove, ADF

This is the ADF grove that I and my Beloved One belong to.

The Summerlands

This site is the home of Searles O'Dubhain, a Celtic Scholar of note. This is well worth the visit.

Sacred Path Reiki

This is the home of my Reiki teachers. They are great folks and have a fantastic Reiki site. Check it out.

WitchCraft RPG - Home Page

This is the site for the Roleplaying game Witchcraft. I think this game is really great and has the most realistic magickal system yet found in a roleplaying game.

This is a wonderful Gaelic Traditionalist group. At this site are many articles of high scholastic quality.

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