The Symbols

Notes on the symbols: All the symbols should be seen as being red in color, unless specifically mentioned otherwise. I’ve found that it is easier seeing the whole symbol rather than drawing them out, and in fact, I don’t believe it is necessary to draw out the symbols at all. However, I will give directions as to how to draw them, anyway. To activate the symbol, see the symbol and repeat its name to yourself three times. This does not have to be out loud.

As mentioned above, the symbols seem to have a common look to them. Essentially they are lines and circles. The circles are more passive and it is here that the work is done (also where energy is stored), while the lines show direction of energy movement. The placement and orientation of the circles and lines determines how each symbol works.

Shambul - Activation

Shambul (pronounced: Shahm-Bool) is the activation symbol, much like the power symbol in standard Reiki. It is used to activate the other symbols and to add oomph to your working. It is drawn starting with the circle, starting at the top and drawing it counter-clockwise. Then the line is drawn, starting inside the circle and moving out. It is useful to see Shambul, large centered over your torso and also over your hands as you are about to start your working. Or just over your torso. It can be used repeatedly.

This symbol can also be seen as white, if you so desire.

I see this symbol as energy coming down from the main source. The source is the circle and the movement of energy is the line.

Shai Nal – Increase Power

This symbol is the true core of the Rún Valdr system. It is to be seen as red at all times. This was the first symbol given to me by Freya. Its purpose is to increase one’s power. It was described as “bringing the iron within.” It increases one’s potency. This is not fertility, having babies kind of potency, but rather the Superman catching a falling skyscraper kind. The kind of potency that gets things done, that allows you to accomplish what you set out to do, that lends weight to your actions.
Shai Nal is drawn starting at the top of the line. Draw the line down and then add the dot next. Strangely this is the only symbol that I bother to draw out rather than merely see the whole symbol.

I see this symbol as energy coming down (the line) to be concentrated in one spot (the dot). By itself it is not the most energetic of the symbols, but there is a definite strong feeling associate with it. A calm coalescing that fills you with power.

This is the main symbol used in Rún Valdr workings and it is this one that must be kept visualized during the process.

Grija – Purification (color white)

Grija (pronounced: Gree- Yah) was the second symbol I received, and it came from Odin. This one I instinctively saw as whole instead of drawing out. But if you were to draw it out you would start with the top of the circle and draw it clockwise. Then draw the line up from the circle starting with the left most one. Grija should be seen as white.

To use, see Grija over whatever you want purified, large enough so the object is completely inside the circle. Visualize white light coming from the circle and engulfing the object.

This is a very energetic symbol. I see it as a cauldron with steam rising out of it. Whatever is in the cauldron is being refined, and the dross burned away. Or you could see it as the bad stuff being boiled away.

Han-So – Transformation

Han-So deals with transformation and is the second most important symbol in the Rún Valdr system. I would recommend using it during every working. The power to transform one thing into another is very powerful healing tool. This could be transforming a subconscious habit or hurt into something more positive. Or turning a physical injury or disease into wellness and wholeness.

I’m sure it could even be used to help with non healing situations such as transforming a bad job into something more positive. The power of transformation is a very powerful thing. There is a law in physics that states that energy is neither created nor destroyed merely changed. Thus it is much easier to transform a situation that to try to create a whole new one.

To draw Han-So, draw the large line first starting at the top. Then draw the circle, starting at the top, in a counter-clockwise direction. Finish with the small line, starting at the top and drawing down. I see this symbol as energy entering the circle, being transformed and the new thing then leaving the circle.

Tunai – Sealing

This symbol is used for sealing. It is used as a finishing step for a treatment or working and also after an attunement. It is a final stamp of completion.

To draw this symbol, draw the circle, starting at the top, in a counter-clockwise direction. Then draw the left inner line starting at the circle and moving inwards. Repeat this with the bottom line and the right line. Finally draw the top line, starting at the top and moving toward the center of the circle.

I see this symbol as energy entering the circle and being fixed by the other lines of force.

Reloxon – Distance Symbol (color white or purple)

This symbol (pronounced: Rel-ox-on) acts in the same way as the standard Reiki Distance Symbol. It is a bridge across space and time. It should be seen a white in color.

To draw Reloxon, start with the top circle, drawing in a counter-clockwise direction starting at the top of the circle. Then draw the line starting within the first circle. Finally, draw the bottom circle the same way as the first.

Reloxon would be used during distance healing or attunements to connect you with the person you wanted to work on. You can also use it to program healing over set periods of time.

This symbol can be used to act as a conduit between a person or object and a source of power. For instance you could set up a conduit between the sun and a crystal intended for healing, thus insuring a steady and limitless supply of energy to the crystal so that it would be able to fulfill its programming more easily. For this purpose, see the symbol as being purple in color and giving it a slightly different name; Reloxoné, pronounced, Rel-ox-onay. You would see the symbol connecting the object or person in question and the energy source, with the intention of creating a one-way conduit with energy pouring out of the energy source into the target.

You can be creative with Reloxoné and use it to establish conduits to the elemental planes, the earth, the ocean or even other galaxies. It can be used to create a two-way link between people to share thoughts, emotions and even energy more easily.

Greel-ya – Astral Travel

Greel-ya is used for aid in astral travel. You would use it before an astral travel session to make the experience stronger. You could charge an object with this symbol and hold that object during your astral travels.

To draw this symbol, start with the top of the triangle and draw it in a counter-clockwise direction. Then draw the oval starting at the bottom and moving in a counter-clockwise direction. Finally draw the curved line starting at the left.

I see this symbol as an intersection between the physical world and the astral. You are creating a bridge between these two worlds so that you may have a stronger connection.

Freyl-Tay – Love

Freyl-Tay is a perfect expression of love, whether this is romantic, platonic, or between family members. It is similar to Greel-ya in that it shows an intersection, but between people rather than worlds. It can be used to strengthen or heal relationships, or to help deal with break-ups or the passing of loved ones. Using it in a working insures that the greatest good is being served.

I see this symbol as two people connecting to create something more powerful than both of them could achieve separately. Within the intersection, something wonderful blooms and grows.

All the circles are drawn in a counter-clockwise direction, and one should start on the top of the circle. Start with the central circle, then the smaller inner circle. Then draw the left circle and finish with the right circle.

Haxo – Awakening Consciousness

Haxon - Version for Animals

This symbol is similar to a symbol in the Seichim Reiki tradition whose purpose is to awaken the world around you, to bring consciousness into inanimate objects. I received two versions of this symbol: Haxo which is to be used for inanimate objects and Haxon which is for use on animals.

I see this symbol as intelligence going forth from the Source and descending into matter, or into animals.

To draw these symbols draw the circle first in a counter-clockwise direction and then draw the lines coming out of the circle, starting with the left. For Haxon, add the cross lines left to right, starting with the left most line.

This can be a very useful symbol, especially in charging objects or creating magical objects. This would work especially well for wards or other objects that provide shielding, as it would be able to work under its own will and continue to work after the person who created it discontinued thinking about it. Haxon can be used on Rún Valdr workings as well, allowing them to work on their own without further direction from the practitioner. The same would work for almost any other magickal operation as well.

Ultimately it wakes up and empowers objects and animals.

Grimbol – Attunement Symbol

For Humans & Animals
For Inanimate Objects

Grimbol is the Master Symbol of Rún Valdr, and like Haxo, comes in two versions. It is used to pass on attunements to others. It is also useful for making magickal objects, as shown by the version to use on inanimate objects.

To draw Grimbol, draw the long line first, moving down. Then the circle in a counter-clockwise direction. Then draw the left line moving out of the circle, followed by the right line moving out of the circle, and ending with the bottom line moving out of the circle. For the inanimate object version, add the diagonal line on the left and then the diagonal line on the right.

I see this symbol as being similar to Han-So. Energy goes into an object or person, represented by the circle, and awakens and attunes the individual. Energy then travels out, finding new paths and new ways to work.

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