Runes of Rún Valdr


It wouldn’t be proper Rún Valdr without mentioning the runes. Here is how the runes are ordered.


Freya’s Aett
Hagel’s Aett
Tyr’s Aett

You will notice that they are arranged in rows of eight. I feel that this order is important and should be kept intact whenever possible. Also, the runes should be seen as red in color. Red is traditionally the color used to activate the runes and represents blood. There are many books on the market explaining the meanings and properties of the runes, so I will only give keywords to describe each one as it relates to Rún Valdr.

(Fehu) cattle, increase, wealth, chi/ki, job, fire rune

(Uruz) wild oxen, strength, health

(Thurisaz) giants, destruction, offense as good defense

(Ansuz) gods (especially Odin), communication, learning, air rune

(Raidho) travel, one’s life journey, timing of events, movement

(Kenaz) fire, creativity, sex & sexual energies

(Gebo) gift, reciprocation, generosity, marriage

(Wunjo) joy, happiness

(Hagalaz) hail, temporary disruption, emergency

(Nauthiz) need, necessity, overcoming hardship

(Isa) ice, obstacles, blockage, materialization

(Jera) year, harvest, balance, proper timing

(Eiwaz) death, backbone, mystery, initiation

(Perthro) fate, luck, life path

(Algiz) protection, divine descending into world

(Sowilo) sun, outpouring of divine energy, hallowing

(Tiwaz) victory, maleness, law

(Berkano) beginnings, earth, fertility, feminine gestation

(Laguz) lake, water, subconscious

(Mannaz) mankind, conscious mind, memory

(Ehwaz) body and/or vehicle, partnership

(Ingwaz) potential, masculine gestation, scrotum

(Dagaz) day, liminal space

(Othala) home, ancestors, inheritance

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