Performing Magick


Magical Workings

To use Rún Valdr for magical purposes, you would pretty much follow the same formula as give for a healing working. The only real difference is that you would use Reloxoné to establish a conduit to one or more power sources to aid your efforts. The energy source should be appropriate to the goal you are trying to accomplish.

Make sure to use positive affirmations. This is still important.

You should still provide something for the focusing part of the working. You may not be working on your, or another person’s body, subconscious or conscious mind, but there are other runes to use. You can use Perthro if you are trying to accomplish something that is life changing like getting a different job, or to attract a mate. In fact Perthro would be appropriate to use as the focus rune for any magical working, since you are trying to change either your own life path or that of someone else’s when doing magic. Raido would also be good to use if you are trying to change your perceptions such as in cases of depression, self esteem issues or anger management. Raidho deals not only with travel, but one’s own journey through life. Perthro is the path we take, and Raidho is the act of walking this path. The attitude we take on this path can make all the difference.

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