Rún Valdr Attunements


Giving attunements is a fairly easy and straightforward task. There is only one attunement for the entire system. Rún Valdr is not broken down into beginning, intermediate and master levels as is found in standard Reiki. Also, rather than working with the upper chakras like standard Reiki, Rún Valdr focuses on the second chakra exclusively for the attunement process. You can give attunements to animals and objects as well just as easily as people.


The person receiving the attunement should sit with their hands on their thighs and their eyes closed. They should spend a few minutes calming and centering themselves. I would suggest that the person giving the attunement be behind the person who is receiving. There is no esoteric reason for this at all. Standing behind gives better access and is easier as you won’t bump into their legs. The person receiving the attunement could also be standing or lying down. It doesn’t matter either way.

Step One

First draw a large Grimbol symbol over the person. You want the circle part to be centered on their second chakra, and the top of the long line to be just above their heads. Once this symbol is activated, see the person (or object) become the symbol, Grimbol. You will then put the rest of the symbols and runes into Grimbol so that they are seen to be stored in the circle part of the symbol.

Step Two.

Visualize the first Rune, activate it and see it travel down the long line of Grimbol to rest inside the circle part. Repeat with the rest of the runes (in order) and then with the other Rún Valdr symbols (in the order they were presented above), including Grimbol itself.

Step Three

Once all the symbols have been placed within Grimbol you may give any affirmations that may be appropriate. Silently tell the person that they are a powerful Rún Valdr practitioner and that they are the perfect representative of the Runes and Symbols. Or something similar. If you are attuning an object, now would be the time to tell it its purpose.

One the affirmation is given, you may also at this point (if you so wish), use Reloxoné to connect the person to a power source. This could be the sun, a neighboring galaxy, the elemental planes, the moon, the earth, etc. One end of Reloxoné should be over the power source and the other end should be within the circle part of Grimbol. Using Reloxoné is not necessary for an attunement on a person. But it wouldn’t do any harm either. The choice is up to you.

Step Four

Now see the sealing symbol, Tunai over the Grimbol symbol and activate it. Say to yourself, “I seal this attunement with Divine Power, Divine Will and Divine Grace, now and forever more.” Feel the attunement being sealed. I picture it like it was the turning of a deadbolt, locking in the attunement.

This ends the attunement process.

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