Making Magical Objects

Attuning Objects

You may want to create a magical object with Rún Valdr. An object can easily be programmed to fulfill a specific task using the Rún Valdr energies. You could make objects whose purpose is protection and either carry it around with you or bury it around your house to keep your home safe. You could create healing objects that would continuously transmit healing energy. You could do this with stones, your clothing, your favorite chair, or even a whole room or house. You could attune your bed to give you a better night’s sleep or to aid in dream work. You might even your car to help protect it and to keep it running smoothly.

The attunement process for an object is the same as for a person. However, you may not want to use all the runes and symbols for this attunement. I would tailor the symbols and/or runes used to the purpose that would be given to the object. I would always use Shambul and Shai Nal regardless of purpose. After that, it would be dependent on what you want.

If you were attuning an object you might want to use Haxo before the attunement on it to “wake” it up first. Then do the attunement as normally. I feel it is important to use Reloxoné on an object so that it has enough energy to work with to accomplish its purpose. Use an affirmation and the intent that the object draws as much energy from the source as needed to power itself so that it can fulfill its purpose. If the object is to be powered to work only for a limited time, use Reloxon at this point to give the attunement a definite time frame

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