Here are various text files. I've written some of them. Others, are printed by permission.

Basic Spellcasting for Beginners

Elemental Magick

Magic in Gaming Systems

Why Wicca Is Not Celtic v.3.0

Shining Lakes Grove Magician's Guild Ritual Structure

Little Green Frogs - a story

Big Featherless Bipeds - a story

A Meeting of Species - a story

Soliliquey of Power - a story

Painting The Dead - a story

ADF Virtues - a series of stories

Conversations with Odin & Freyja on Magic - Intro Essay

Court of Sif Ritual


Basic Spellcasting for Beginners is a file I wrote to address the fundamental aspects of creating a spell as well as some of the theory behind magick.

Elemental Magick is a file describing a technique for becoming attuned and using the Elemental forces. It is based on visualizing that you are the element in question. Note: This file has been updated as of 10-17-1998, with additional information regarding the use of symbols in accessing energy sources.

Magick in Gaming Systems is an article I wrote for the gaming magazine, d8. It compares magick in various gaming systems and how it actually works in real life

Why Wicca Is Not Celtic v.3.0 is an article from the folks at Clannada na Gadelica, a Gaelic Traditionalist group. The level of scholarship of this article is very high, and you can't ask for a more thorough presentation. I'm proud to have this article on my site. I did not write this article.

Shining Lakes Grove Magicians Guild Chapter Ritual Structure is a description of a magickal system based loosely on the ADF liturgical model. It is a form of ceremonial magick, yet is not a part of the Western ceremonial magickal tradition. This system can be used solo or with a group.

Little Green Frogs is a story I wrote many years ago. I was practicing, out loud, my British accent and just started rambling any old thing. What came out was the basis for this story. One of these days, I will submit it to Weird Tales.

Big Featherless Bipeds is part two of the Great Frog Saga. It is the same story as Little Green Frogs, but from the Frogs point of view.

A Meeting of Species is the final story of the Great Frog Saga where the entire situation is resolved.

Soliliquey of Power is a story that was inspired by Magneto of the X-Men comics. It is a question of power and responsibility. Does the ends truly justify the means, or is the path more important than the destination? This was rejected by Dragon Magazine.

Painting the Dead came to me in a dream. I was doing what was in the story while in the background, the story was being narrated. When I woke up, I quickly wrote what I could remember down. This is the result. It is the only 100% dream inspired story that I've ever done.

ADF Virtues - These stories were my attemp at writing about the nine virtues that are a part of ADF Druidry. Normally they are supposed to be 150 words or so for each virtue, but I chose to do them as a series of inter-connected stories. They should be read in order.

Conversations with Odin and Freyja on Magic - Intro Essay - This is some information on magic that I got during a trance journey session while visiting Odin and Freyja in Asgard.

Court of Sif Ritual - This is a "prospecting" ritual in an attempt to find spirits to work with magically similar to grimoiric magic. This specifically deals with the Goddess Sif, her Chieftains and then contacting worker spirits under the different Chieftains. These worker spirits are the ones you then negotiate with in order to perform some magic. This work is based on Ian Corrigan's Court of Brigit ritual. I feel this is a breakthrough in this kind of spirit work in that instead of using the Judeo-Christian god as a means to threaten demons into doing what you want you are negotiating with spirits in order to have them work with you. It is very much in vein with how ADF works.

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