Performing a Working

Performing a Rún Valdr Working

This is where you actually use the Rún Valdr system. While the activation of the runes and symbols are similar to Reiki, the actual practice is a bit different and relies on a bit more visualization. There are no set hand positions in Rún Valdr. You can do whatever you feel is appropriate or necessary. I will give instructions for doing a Rún Valdr working as if you were performing it on another person.

1. If doing a distance working, start with Reloxon and Shambul, to bridge the distance, and/or time between you and the person you are doing the working for. Visualize them in front of you.
2. Start the working by placing one hand over their second chakra and the other over the top of their head. As I said, there are no set hand positions, but this particular one feels like a good one to use for a working to me. You will, in effect, holding Shai Nal between your hands throughout the working.
3. Next see the symbol Shai Nal through their body, with the line starting a little bit above their head and the dot over their second chakra. Activate the symbol by saying its name silently three times. Keep visualizing Shai Nal throughout the working. All other symbols will be placed within Shai Nal.
4. Next we will target where the working is to focus on. That is, will the working deal with the mind, body or emotions/subconscious, or all three or combinations of the three? Use the rune Mannaz for the conscious mind, Laguz for the emotions/subconscious mind and Ehwaz for the body.
5. Now use the symbol Han-so, to make changes to the focus.
6. Now start placing the symbols and/or runes that you want for the working. For example, for any sort of healing you would want to use Fehu and Uruz . For depression you can add Wunjo . For relationships you can use Ehwaz , Gebo and Freyl-Tay. For protection, Algiz . For Fertility Berkano . Sowilo is always a good one to throw in and is good for general workings. You can also use Reloxon if the problem is in the past or you are programming the working to continue for a set period of time or for a specific time in the future.
7. Give positive affirmations, or state the purpose of the working. For instance, you would not want to say, “You are not sick,” but rather “You are healthy.” The subconscious does not deal with negative statements, so if you say, “You are not sick,” it hears “You are sick.”
8. Maintain the image of Shai Nal over the body of the person you are doing the working for. It is helpful to see them surrounded by a red or pink light that comes from Shai Nal.
9. You can use Reloxoné to connect them with a specific power source at this time.
10. When you are done, use Tunai to seal the working.

As can be seen, the core of a working is the symbol, Shai Nal. All other symbols merely guide the power of Shai Nal. Han-so is also important as this is the driving force of the transformation that is being sought. When using either runes or the other symbols during a working, see them sinking into Shai Nal to program it with your intentions. The key is to maintain the visualization of Shai Nal throughout the entire working. This is where the real work is being done.

A working can be done on one’s self or on another person. To do the working on oneself, just visualize the symbols and activate them. You don’t need to use any hand positions at all. You should still see Shai Nal as stretching from the second chakra up through the top of your head.

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